5th Column

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Name Additional Information
20 - 20 HeroTask Force Clamor and Destruction - Investigate the Freakshow Sister Psyche (Independence Port)Sister Psyche's ComradeSonic bomb fragment
25 - 25 HeroStory Arc Ubelmann the Unknown (5th Column) - Stop the 5th Column raid Laurie Pennington (Independence Port)Letter from Requiem
25 - 25 HeroTask Force Bastion's Children - Interrogate some 5th Column soldiers Bastion (Talos Island)Citadel's AssistantComputer Chip
25 - 25 HeroMinor Story Arc The Ouroboros Initiation - Join Ouroboros The Pilgrim (Ouroboros)Ouroboros Token
30 - 30 HeroStory Arc The Rise of the Vampyri (5th Column) - Investigate base 80-05 Merisel Valenzuela (Brickstown)Dossier on Victor Sieger
30 - 30 HeroFlashback The 5th Column Overthrow - Agree to form a task force Mender Lazarus (Ouroboros)The 5th Column Overthrow
35 - 35 HeroStory Arc A Path Into Darkness (5th Column) - Capture 5th Column soldiers before they flee the country Colleen Nelson (Brickstown)The Book 'The Rites of the Dark'
35 - 35 Hero & VillainTask Force Time's Arrow - Agree to form a task force Imperious (Cimerora)Time's Arrow



Few truly appreciate the genius of Nosferatu's super soldier program, and none more so than himself. Nosferatu was so entranced by his ability to create the super strong Vampyri that he became one of them. He has since improved upon his original design by granting himself several new abilities. He can mesmerize his opponents, leaving them helpless. Some say he can even siphon off the life force of his foes.

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