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Common Salvage

Ancient Artifact

Ancient Artifact

This could be extremely valuable, or complete garbage. Hard to tell.


-CommonConvert Magic Invention Salvage to Magic Base Salvage1
ACommon Invention: Defense Buff10-25
ACommon Invention: Endurance Reduction10-25
ACommon Invention: Knockback Duration10-25
ACommon Invention: Run10-25
ACommon Invention: Snare Duration10-25
ACommon Invention: Stun Duration10-25
AUncommon Befuddling Aura: Endurance/Confuse10-25
AUncommon Bone Snap: Acc/Dam10-25
AUncommon Cleaving Blow: Dam/End10-25
AUncommon Curtail Speed: Slow/Range10-25
AUncommon Hibernation: Sleep/Range10-25
AUncommon Horror: End/Fear10-25
AUncommon Neuronic Shutdown: Acc/Rech10-25
AUncommon Paralytic: Acc/Rech10-25
AUncommon Triage: End/Heal10-25
AUncommon Unquestioning Loyalty: Acc/Dam10-25
AUncommon Brilliant Leadership: Acc/Dam/End15-25
AUncommon Bruising Blow: Acc/Dam15-25
AUncommon Quickfoot: Endurance15-25
AUncommon Reactive Armor: End/Res15-25
AUncommon Serendipity: Def/End15-25
AUncommon Soaring: Fly15-25
AUncommon Calibrated Accuracy: Acc/Int20-25
AUncommon Detonation: Dam/Acc/End20-25
AUncommon Enfeebled Operation: End/Immob20-25
AUncommon Essence of Curare: End/Hold20-25
AUncommon Harmonized Healing: End/Heal20-25
AUncommon Lethargic Repose: Acc/Rech20-25
AUncommon Maelstrom's Fury: Acc/Dam20-25
AUncommon Multi-strike: Acc/End20-25
AUncommon Nightmare: End/Fear20-25
AUncommon Perplex: End/Confuse20-25
AUncommon Rope-a-dope: Stun/Range20-25
AUncommon Smashing Haymaker: Acc/Dam20-25
AUncommon Tempered Readiness: Dam/Slow20-25
URare Cacophany: Acc/End10-25
URare Debiliative Action: End/Immob/Rech10-25
CRare Impeded Swiftness: End/Rech/Slow10-25
BRare Impervious Skin: End/Rech10-25
ARare Induced Coma: Acc/End10-25
URare Kismet: Def/End/Rech10-25
ARare Pulverizing Fisticuffs: Acc/Dam/Rech10-25
URare Razzle Dazzle: End/Stun10-25
URare Regenerative Tissue: End/Heal/Rech10-25
URare Salvo: Dam/End/Rech10-25
CRare Unspeakable Terror: Chance for Hold10-25
BRare Edict of the Master: Acc/Dam/End15-25
URare Gift of the Ancients: Def/Rech15-25
URare Impervium Armor: End/Rech15-25
CRare Pounding Slugfest: Chance to disorient15-25
ARare Time & Space Manipulation: Endurance15-25
ARare Unbounded Leap: Endurance15-25
CRare Call of the Sandman: End/Rech/Sleep20-25
URare Entropic Chaos: Dam/End20-25
ARare Executioner's Contract: Dam/End20-25
ARare Ghost Widow's Embrace: Acc/Rech20-25
BRare Glimpse of the Abyss: Fear/Rech20-25
CRare Kinetic Combat: Dam/End/Rech20-25
BRare Malaise's Illusions: Acc/Confuse20-25
CRare Miracle: +Recovery20-25
BRare Pacing of the Turtle: Acc/End20-25
CRare Positron's Blast: Dam/Acc/End20-25
ARare Scirocco's Dervish: Acc/Dam20-25
BRare Stupefy: Stun/Range20-25
BRare Trap of the Hunter: Acc/End20-25

Drop rates?

The Common:Uncommon:Rare ratio is 22:5:1. The chance of a drop varies depending on the rank of the enemy defeated:

  • Minion: 8%
  • Lieutenant/Sniper: 10.64%
  • Boss/Elite Boss: 25%
  • Archvillain (Rewarding): 43.22%

How do tiers work?

Each tier of salvage corresponds to the level range of Inventions which the salvage from that tier will be used in.

  • Tier 1: Level 10-25 Blueprints.
  • Tier 2: Level 26-40 Blueprints.
  • Tier 3: Level 41-53 Blueprints.

Which tier of salvage dropped is determined entirely by the level of the NPC you defeat. The tiers work like this:

  • NPC level 4-19: Tier 1 only.
  • NPC level 20-25: Mixture of Tier 1 and 2.
  • NPC level 26-34: Tier 2 only.
  • NPC level 35-39: Mixture of Tier 2 and 3.
  • NPC level 40-54: Tier 3 only.

For more information refer to InfamousBrad's Invention Salvage and You!(Version 2)

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