Base Components


Arcane Essence

Arcane Essence

This reeks of mystic power.

Component Recipies

1: Banished Pantheon: 2xNecklace of Teeth 1xFetish
2: Cabal: 2xVerminous Victuals 1xTuatha Furs
3: Carnival: 2xRing 1xPotion
4: Circle of Thorns: 1xDemonlogica 1xRing 2xOrichalcum
5: Coralax: 1xFish Scale 2xCoral Shard
6: Croatoa Ghosts: 1xPhantom Tears 2xEtherium
7: Fir Bolg: 1xRedcap Pouch 2xPumpkin Bomb
8: Ghosts: 1xPhantom Tears 2xEtherium
9: Legacy Chain: 2xSpielman's Signet 1xElemental Manual 1xDread Tramalian
10: Psychic Clockwork: 2xUr-Metal 1xClockwork Plate
11: Red Caps: 1xVerminous Victuals 2xRedcap Pouch
12: Scrapyarders: 1xUr-Metal 1xTools of the Trade 1xMutated Sample 1xBlood Sample
13: Shivians: 2xShivan Ectoplasm 2xDangerous Chemicals
14: Tsoo: 1xTsoo Ink 2xScrolls
15: Tuatha: 2xTuatha Furs 1xFir Bolg Hand
16: Wailers: 2xEtherium 2xClaw
17: Warriors: 2xExotic Compound 1xAncient Weapon

Base Item Blueprints

BatteryMana Resonator2
ControlMystic Orrey29
Control AuxScrying Paintings1
Control AuxMystical Bookshelf2
Control AuxSeer Desk4
Control AuxViewing Portal5
Control AuxAstral Haruspex7
Defense AuxConservator5
Defense BasicSapper1
Defense BasicSnow Crystal1
Defense FieldStealth Suppression1
Defense FieldWeakness Field2
Defense ImprovedImproved Dampening Ray1
Defense ImprovedImproved Snow Crystal14
EnergyLey Tap3
EnergyDimensional Vortex19

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