• Magic Store
  • Level 30 to 40
  • Brickstown
Serafina is a former Genie, who was once owned by one of the heroes to take up the mantle of Scirocco. Scirocco and Serafina had a very amicable relationship; she would help with his crime fighting career from behind the scenes, using her magical powers. Scirocco was one of the first heroes slain in the Rikti War, and with his dying breath made one last wish of Serafina, to help the heroes of Paragon City. Serafina did not know that by granting this wish she would lose most of her genie powers, leaving her with ony her communication lines to the Entities. She uses these lines to embolden Magic based heroes of Paragon City, fulfilling Scirocco's final wish.

Level Name Additional Information
30 - 30 HeroContact Store Mission 1. Recover Serafina's bottle - Recover Serafina's bottle from the Circle of Thorns Serafina (Brickstown)

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