Captain James Harlan

Captain James Harlan

  • US Army Captain
  • Level 34 to 43
  • Founders' Falls
A stern and rugged man in his late thirties, Captain Harlan has spent his life working to protect the citizens of Paragon City. A veteran of the Rikti War, he now works to bring law and order back to the shattered streets of this once gleaming city. The official title of his current post is 'Military Law Enforcement Liaison,' and he commands a squad of hand-picked soldiers who work closely with Paragon City's police. Unofficially, Harlan's been known to step beyond his authority when the situation calls for it, by bringing in a little super-powered help. He hates to see a mystery go unsolved or a wrong go unrighted, which may be why the officers he works with speak of him so highly.

Level Name Additional Information
34 - 34 HeroTrial Terra Volta: Freakshow - Bring the woman back to safety Captain James Harlan (Founders' Falls)TransmogrifiedReceived the Stalwart Medallion

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