Maria Jenkins

Maria Jenkins

  • Former Heroine
  • Level 45 to 50
  • Peregrine Island
In the early days of the Statesman's costumed career, he worked with a woman called Madame Danger. Maria Jenkins, as she called in her other identity, was his closest friend and confidant for many years. Slowly her powers began to fade with time but she was aging quite slowly. When she met Statesman in the 1930's she appeared to be in her mid twenties. Although she is retired, Maria certainly does not look over a hundred years of age. Maria has been out of the limelight for some time, but was one of the first to realize that Statesman was missing. This frightening conclusion has caused her to become more actively involved in things.

Level Name Additional Information
45 - 45 HeroOther 1. Infernal & the Summoning Altar - Battle the Praetorian threat Maria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)
45 - 45 HeroOther 2. Patrol - Run a patrol for Praetorian activity Maria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)
45 - 45 HeroOther 3. Nightstar's Ritual - Disrupt Nightstar's ritual Maria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)Shrouded
45 - 45 HeroStory Arc 4. A Hero's Hero - Fix the scanner FlashBackMaria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)Statesman's PalStatesman's face plate
45 - 45 HeroOther 5. Siege's Factory - Shut down Siege's factory Maria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)
45 - 45 HeroOther 6. Shadowhunter's Lair - Go to Shadowhunter's lair and consecrate the bones Maria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)
45 - 45 HeroOther 7. Malaise & the Rikti - Stop the battle between Malaise and the Rikti Maria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)
45 - 45 HeroOther 8. Mother Mayhem - Stop Mother Mayhem Maria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)
45 - 45 HeroOther 9. Black Swan & the Shadow World - Shut down Black Swan's portal to the Shadow World Maria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)
45 - 45 HeroOther 10. Chimera's Training Facility - Take down Chimera's training facility Maria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)
45 - 45 HeroAccomplishment Badge 11. Marauder's Cell - Wipe out Marauder's Cell FlashBackMaria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)Agent
45 - 45 HeroOther 12. Diabolique's Summoning - Maria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)

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