Talshak the Mystic

Talshak the Mystic

  • Mystic
  • Level 12 to 16
  • 'The Hollows'
Very little is known about Talshak the Mystic. The only thing that is certain is that he is bent on protecting the mystical gateway that is rumored to exist deep within the Hollows. Does Talshak want to prevent the gateway from being used, or simply reserve it for himself? No one knows for sure. Talshak has been quite adept at weaving distracting spells to keep the Circle from its goal. However, the thickheaded Trolls have proved more difficult to dissuade. Talshak is happy to provide heroes with details of the Trolls' activities, in exchange for help in driving the gangsters away.

Level Name Additional Information
12 - 12 HeroMinor Story Arc The Heart of the Hollows - Defeat some Trolls FlashBackTalshak the Mystic ('The Hollows')

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