Alan Desslock

Alan Desslock

  • Ex-Arachnos Soldier
  • Level 1 to 50
  • Mercy Island
Alan was once a high ranking Arachnos soldier. On one mission, his superiors ordered him into a suicide scenario, unbeknownst to him and his team. Being a diversion, his superiors did not do anything about his team's safety and they were wiped out, with Desslock being the only survivor. He made his way out of the nightmare and back to the Rogue Isles where he quit Arachnos and now does what he can to subvert their activities, all the while looking to place an operative on the inside.

Level Name Additional Information
1 - 1 VillainOther 1. Minion No More - Alter the Destined One list and insert your own name onto it. Alan Desslock (Mercy Island)
5 - 5 VillainOther 1. Let's Do This - Beat up Jenkins and get the list. Alan Desslock (Mercy Island)

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