Senator Decimus Aquila

Senator Decimus Aquila

  • Former Senator of Cimerora
  • Level 35 to 50
  • Cimerora
Senator Aquila was once one of Cimerora's most respected elected officials and a key advisor to Imperious. While he has been utterly stripped of his official title and its ranks and privileges, he is a kind-hearted man who now focuses his attentions to the needs and lives of the fort's citizens.

Level Name Additional Information
35 - 35 HeroMinor Story Arc 1. The Tale of Cimerora - Agree to hear the tale Senator Decimus Aquila (Cimerora)Cimeroran Coin
35 - 35 HeroIntroduction 2. A Tale of Cimerora: Prologue - Talk to Marcus Valerius Senator Decimus Aquila (Cimerora)

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