Lord Recluse

Lord Recluse

  • Ruler of the Rogue Isles
  • Level 45 to 50
  • Grandville
The Master of Evil, the Count of Cruel, the Archvillain of Anarchy. Lord Recluse has been called many things. But the people of the Rogue Isles know him as their lord and ruler. Lord Recluse has a mysterious tie with Paragon City's own Statesman - some even claim they were once close companions. Their hatred for one another certainly belies a secret perhaps best left buried.

Level Name Additional Information
45 - 45 VillainTask Force 1. The Future of Freedom - Agree to form a Strike Force Lord Recluse (Grandville)Master/Mistress of OlympusMonkeywrencherAnnihilatorArchvillainServant of Recluse

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