Arbiter Leery

Arbiter Leery

  • Arachnos Arbiter
  • Level 35 to 40
  • Nerva Archipelago
In an organization with as many unique individuals as Arachnos, conflicts are bound to arise. Arbiter Leery is one of those people empowered to deal with these conflicts. Leery spends most of his time collecting information about disputes, weighing the evidence, and making decisions about how to resolve them. Once he's made his decision, all Arachnos operatives are duty bound to comply with it. Of course, that doesn't mean they always will.

Level Name Additional Information
35 - 35 VillainStory Arc 1. Crossfire - Stop the fighting FlashBackArbiter Leery (Nerva Archipelago)Indigo's Hair
35 - 35 VillainMinor Story Arc 2. No One Gets It - Learn more about the Tears of the Spirit Arbiter Leery (Nerva Archipelago)Tears of the Spirit

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