Virgil Tarikoss

Virgil Tarikoss

  • Cagey Mystic
  • Level 15 to 20
  • Cap au Diable
Virgil Tarikoss is a newcomer to the Rogue Isles, but has already made a name for himself. Tarikoss often plays other mystics against each other as he works towards his own secretive goals. Rumours have recently spread that Traikoss is looking for villains to help him complete his master plan. Though no one knows what Traikoss' final objectives are, all those in the know agree that whatever his plan is, it must be something big.

Level Name Additional Information
15 - 15 VillainTask Force 1. The Beast Beneath the Mountain - Agree to form a strike force Virgil Tarikoss (Cap au Diable)Binder of Beasts

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