Timothy Raymond

Timothy Raymond

  • Ex Lost
  • Level 30 to 35
  • Nerva Archipelago
Timothy Raymond could have been a hero. His latent psionic abilities, under the proper tutelage, could have developed into truly phenomenal powers. Sadly, that wasn't in the cards for Timothy. Instead of attracting the attention of Paragon City's heroes, his abilities attracted the attention of the Lost. he was recruited into their ranks, where he remained for nearly a year while his body and mind underwent drastic changes due to continued use of the mutagenic srug, Shift. His mental power eventually enabled Timothy to free himself, but not without permanent damage to his own psyche. Arachnos likes to keep him around because the suspect that Rikti secrets lie deep within his troubled mind. Whether that's true or not remains to be seen.

Level Name Additional Information
30 - 30 VillainAccomplishment Badge Eliminate Kit'Vul - Eliminate Kit'Vul Timothy Raymond (Nerva Archipelago)Exterminator
30 - 30 VillainOther Kidnap the Crey Scientists Timothy Raymond (Nerva Archipelago)
30 - 30 VillainOther Rescue Tina Raymond Timothy Raymond (Nerva Archipelago)
30 - 30 VillainOther Save the Arachnos lab Timothy Raymond (Nerva Archipelago)
30 - 30 VillainMinor Story Arc Strange Memories - Wipe out the Rikti Timothy Raymond (Nerva Archipelago)Rikti Embryo
30 - 30 VillainOther Thornbird: The Rikti Spy Timothy Raymond (Nerva Archipelago)

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