Hard Luck

Hard Luck

  • Casino Enforcer
  • Level 30 to 35
  • St. Martial
A few big winners are good for the casino's press, but when too many people start winning, profits take a hit. That's when Hard Luck comes in -- to hit back. Hard Luck will do whatever it takes to break the lucky streaks of people chipping away atthe casino's profits. He's not afraid to get drity, and he feels no remorse for the people he hurts. After all, they should know that the house always wins.

Level Name Additional Information
30 - 30 VillainMinor Story Arc Breaking the Streak - Find out where Luckless is staying Hard Luck (St. Martial)Luckless' Lucky Chip
30 - 30 VillainOther Eliminate the ovesign office Hard Luck (St. Martial)
30 - 30 VillainOther Lucky Dragon's beard Hard Luck (St. Martial)
30 - 30 VillainOther Save Hard Luck's brother Hard Luck (St. Martial)
30 - 30 VillainOther Silence the programmer Hard Luck (St. Martial)
30 - 30 VillainAccomplishment Badge The Unlucky Artifacts - Get the unlucky artifacts Hard Luck (St. Martial)Bad Luck

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