Veluta Lunata

Veluta Lunata

  • Fortunata
  • Level 10 to 15
  • Port Oakes
Formerly one of Ghost Widow's personal aides, Veluta Lunata fell out of favour when she was discovered having an affair with an Arachnos soldier. As a test of Veluta's loyalty, Ghost Widow ordered her to kill the young man. Veluta did as she was bidden and slew the man she loved. Impressed, Ghost Widow took pity on her and told her how to bind the soldier's soul to herself for all eternity. Currently, Veluta is tasked with monitoring the Arachnos ghost research program on Port Oakes. She hopes someday to work her way back into Ghost Widow's good graces.

Level Name Additional Information
10 - 10 VillainMinor Story Arc 1. An Arachnos Ghost Story - Check out the lab and bring Rauscher back Veluta Lunata (Port Oakes)A fragment from the Spirit World
10 - 10 VillainMinor Story Arc 2. Power of the Spirit - Look for clues at meeting place Veluta Lunata (Port Oakes)Illicit copy of Malachai's files

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