Operative Kirkland

Operative Kirkland

  • Arachnos Operative
  • Level 25 to 30
  • Sharkhead Isle
Arachnos Operative Kirkland keeps tabs on the various villainous factions on Sharkhead Isle, making sure that no one group gains too much power or overly disrupts the day-to-day activities that keep the area functional.

Level Name Additional Information
25 - 25 VillainOther 1. Destroy the Longbow office in Paragon City - Destroy the Longbow office Operative Kirkland (Sharkhead Isle)
25 - 25 VillainOther 2. Recover Arachnos' Files from Wyvern - Recover Arachnos files from Wyvern hideout Operative Kirkland (Sharkhead Isle)
25 - 25 VillainAccomplishment Badge 3. Take out negotiator and witnesses - Take out negotiator and witnesses Operative Kirkland (Sharkhead Isle)Agent of Discord
25 - 25 VillainOther 4. Capture Council base leader - Capture Council base leader Operative Kirkland (Sharkhead Isle)
25 - 25 VillainMinor Story Arc 5. On the Trail of the Leviathan - Interrogate Circle of Thorns Operative Kirkland (Sharkhead Isle)Bone Scroll Case
25 - 25 VillainOther 6. Cull Freakshow - Cull Freakshow Operative Kirkland (Sharkhead Isle)

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