Lt. Chalmers

Lt. Chalmers

  • Sky Raiders Lieutenant
  • Level 20 to 25
  • Sharkhead Isle
Lieutenant heathcliff Chalmers is a recent Sky Raider recruit, joining them from the ranks of the British SAS. it's rumoured that he was originally part of a unit attempting to capture the leader of the Sky Raiders, Colonel Virgil Duray, but that once he learned more about the high-flyign mercenaries, switched sides. Chalmers' organizational skill was soon recognized, and he's been tasked with organizing operations with freelance villains to achieve the Sky Raiders' goals.

Level Name Additional Information
20 - 20 VillainMinor Story Arc 1. Kings of the Sky - Recover Air Defense Coordinator Lt. Chalmers (Sharkhead Isle)Ballista Helmet
20 - 20 VillainStory Arc 2. Operation Skyhook - Take the job FlashBackLt. Chalmers (Sharkhead Isle)Council Archon Insignia

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