Marshal Brass

Marshal Brass

  • Arachnos Marshal of cap au Diable
  • Level 15 to 20
  • Cap au Diable
Marshal Leon Bras is the head of all Arachnos military operations in Cap au Diable. Though he technically reports to Dr. Aeon, the Island's governor, Marshal Brass has a lot of power on his own. many think that he was put in place to monitor Dr. Aeon for Arachnos, and remove him by force should the erratic scientist become a threat.

Level Name Additional Information
15 - 15 VillainOther 1. Steal a Goldbrickers Rocket pack - Take the job against the Gold Brickers from Marshall Brass Marshal Brass (Cap au Diable)
15 - 15 VillainStory Arc 2. The Aeon Conspiracy - Defeat all Wyvern in base FlashBackMarshal Brass (Cap au Diable)After Action Report/A bootleg recording
15 - 15 VillainMinor Story Arc 3. Echo Down the Aeons - Interested Marshal Brass (Cap au Diable)Entrusted with the SecretAn Old Drawing of You

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