Gordon Bower

Gordon Bower

  • Salamanca Mayor
  • Level 25 to 30
  • Croatoa
You might say Gordon Bower inherited the family business. His father, Tom Bower, was mayor of Salamanca for more than thirty years, and spearheaded most of the projects that turned the community into a peaceful and picturesque tourist resort. Gordon's proud of that history. When he was elected last year, he certainly never expected a malevolent mystical force to threaten his family's accomplishments. Now, Gordon feels he must assume the responsibility for saving his town from the unearthly forces that bind it to Croatoa. After all, his father would have done so.

Level Name Additional Information
25 - 25 HeroMinor Story Arc 1. The Divining Rod - Push back the Fir Bolg Gordon Bower (Croatoa)

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