Caitlin Murray

Caitlin Murray

  • Technological Hero Liaison
  • Level 1 to 4
  • Galaxy City
Caitlin Murry has been working with computers since the age of 10, and there's nothing she can't program or fix. She used to work for Exarch Industries, programming cybernetic hardware and perfecting their Man-Machine interfaces. One day she was working late in the office when it was attacked by the Freakshow. She was kidnapped and forced to integrate the Freaks' stolen cybernetics into their bodies. After a three month ordeal, she was rescued by the power-suited hero Horatio. She didn't feel safe going back to her old job, so Horatio introduced her to his friends at DATA. After the Rikti War, Horatio retired his suit to work for DATA in his civilian identity of Rick Davies. Caitlin has been trying to get Rick to notice her, but so far he seems blind to her advances.

Level Name Additional Information
1 - 1 HeroPCPD Security Detail Galaxy City Security Detail - Talk to the Security Chief Prince Kiros Nandelu (Galaxy City)Gregor Richardson (Galaxy City)Caitlin Murray (Galaxy City)Rebecca Brinell (Galaxy City)Derek Amberson (Galaxy City)

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