Antonio Nash

Antonio Nash

  • Mutation Hero Liaison
  • Level 1 to 4
  • Atlas Park
Antonio Nash has the ability to instantly solve any mathematical equation. He worked for the Department of Defense for years, but, when the danger to his home town of Paragon City continued to rise, he asked to be reassigned to GIFT, a section of the Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs. Now, as a member of the Genetic Investigation and Facilitation Team, he is the primary contact point for many new mutant heroes. Having grown up on the streets of Paragon City as a member of the Outcasts gang, Antonio makes a point of keeping himself informed on current gang activity.

Level Name Additional Information
1 - 1 HeroPCPD Security Detail Atlas Park Security Detail - Talk to the Security Chief Rick Davies (Atlas Park)Antonio Nash (Atlas Park)Azuria (Atlas Park)Jonathan Smythe (Atlas Park)Susan Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 1 HeroOther 1. Gang Activity - Put a stop to the gang activity in the office Antonio Nash (Atlas Park)

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