Stephanie Peebles

Stephanie Peebles

  • Tavern Owner
  • Level 20 to 25
  • Striga Isle
Stephanie Peebles was born in the apartment above the Mermaid Tavern, and that's where she's lived her entire life. She's too tough to be pushed around by the local thugs, and she's become sort of a mascot to the rough and ready characters who patronize her tavern. In her heart of hearts, Stephanie has something of a soft spot for the petty thugs who run the docks in Port Noble; after all, they make life interesting. But she draws the line when it comes to the Council. Stephanie's alarmed by the speed with which the Council's troops have overrun her home, and she'd do anything to root them out.

Level Name Additional Information
20 - 20 HeroMinor Story Arc 1. Heracles - Shut the Council down Stephanie Peebles (Striga Isle)

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