Ernesto Hess

Ernesto Hess

  • Council Turncoat
  • Level 26 to 30
  • Striga Isle
Ernesto Hess is a Adjutant in the ranks of the Vortex, one of the Council's Outer Bands. Luckily for Paragon City, he's decided that the Council is far too megalomaniacal for him. As a high-ranking officer, Ernesto is able to get his hands on the very best information, and so far he seems willing to pass it along to the heroes he meets. If his treachery was discovered by the Council, it would certainly cost him his life.

Level Name Additional Information
25 - 25 HeroTask Force The MegaMech Cometh - Agree to form a task force Ernesto Hess (Striga Isle)Burkholder's BaneErnesto Hess' Council insignia

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