• Peacebringer Coordinator
  • Level 1 to 50
  • Atlas Park
When the Kheldian warrior called Perihelion arrived on Earth, it sought a human warrior with courage and strength to match its own as a host. When it spied a uniformed human facing certain death against insurmountable odds to stop a tide of unliving monsters, it thought that it had found a soldier who would be a perfect match. It offered the embattled Sgt. Benjamin Carter the opportunity to bond, and form a powerful Kheldian Peacebringer. The two joined in that moment to form the being called Sunstorm, and handily defeated the surrounding Vahzilok.

What Perihelion didn't realize was that Sgt. Carter wasn't a soldier like it expected, but an upstanding member of the Paragon Police Department. As a result, Sunstorm is not as martial and merciless as Perihelion, having been tempered by Carter's high ideals. This has turned out to be quite a blessing. Sunstorm is often able to see new solutions to problems.

Sunstorm usually coordinates the activities of his fellow Peacebringers on Earth. While he holds no real rank over the rest of his kind, wise Peacebringers listen to what he has to say.

Level Name Additional Information
5 - 5 HeroKheldian Story Arc 1. The Peace Killers - Find the source of the quantum array weapons Sunstorm (Atlas Park)A non-functional Quantum Array gun
10 - 10 HeroKheldian Story Arc 2. War and the Peacebringers - Talk to Shadowstar about the recent disappearances Sunstorm (Atlas Park)The Renegade Dossier
15 - 15 HeroKheldian Story Arc 3. Shadow Science - Find the Council escapee Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)An inert N-Fragment
20 - 20 HeroKheldian Story Arc 4. Winslowe and the Cosmotron - Stop the Sky Raider attack and talk to Dr. Winslowe Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)A Piece of the Cosmotron
25 - 25 HeroKheldian Story Arc 5. Fear and Loathing in Striga Isle - Speak to Moonfire on Striga Isle Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)A prototype Quantum weapon
30 - 30 HeroKheldian Story Arc 6. Scary Monsters - Find out what's going on in Arakhn's base Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)Scary Monsters
35 - 35 HeroKheldian Story Arc 7. The Nictus Alliance - Expose the Council's greatest secret Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)Letter from Arakhn
40 - 40 HeroKheldian Story Arc 8. The Nictus Insurrection - Infiltrate a Nictus base and find out what's causing them so much trouble. Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)A map of a Nictus Earth
45 - 45 HeroKheldian Story Arc 9. The Final Darkness - Rescue Lillian Issan from whatever trouble she's found Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)

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