• Soul of the Wood
  • Level 39 to 41
  • 'Eden'
The Woodsman was once a renowned hero who helped keep the world of mankind in balance with the forces of nature, fighting against those who would destroy or corrupt nature for their own ends. He came to a tragic end when he was captured by the Devouring Earth, who used his link with the Earth to destroy Woodvale and carve out their own tettiroties. Though the Woodsman's physical body perished at the hands of the Devouring Earth, his spirit was freed through the actions of the city's heroes. Now he lives on as a spirit of nature, at one with the wild places of the Earth, helping heroes carry on the fight for the safety of the world.

Level Name Additional Information
39 - 39 HeroTrial Prisoners of Eden - Agree to form a task force Woodsman ('Eden')Liberator

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